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Personal Collection for Sale

Listed below are a variety of records and cassettes that I have collected over the years that are now up for sale. The majority are test pressings and rare/numbered variants. All profit from these sales will go towards funding additional merchandise. We currently have hats and slipmats but we would love to offer shirts and sweatshirts. Please help these records find a new home!

The Truth About Dreaming / Short Stories About Their Distance split 7" /20 (selling this because I have two somehow) (Off Cloud Nine)
Caravels - Caravels 7" #12/15 (Topshelf Records)
We Were Skeletons / The Saddest Landscape split 7" #13/20 (Topshelf Records)
Beau Navire / Carrion Spring / Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio / The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch 4 way split 10" 4/14 (L'Oeil Du Tigre)
Ampere / Raein split 8" #1/10 (No Idea Records)

nothing yet, coming soon...

Hot Cross - A New Set of Lungs EP - /105 Orange

nothing yet, coming soon...

Ampere - Demo
Frameworks - Loom
grower. / deathdealer. split
Ostraca / Flesh Born split
Ostraca Deathless
lovechild - demonstration
lovechild - In Heaven... + Migraine Music
skowler / youth funeral split #31/100
kareem campbell

SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Atrocities From A Storybook Perspective 7" LATHE 9/20
The Saddest Landscape - Live at New Alliance 7" 18/20 TEST PRESS (Topshelf Records)
The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness 7" 17/20 TEST PRESS (Topshelf Records)
Frameworks - Small Victories 7" 15/20 TEST PRESS (Topshelf Records)
the cambodian heat #2/62
Shizune - The First Five Years #6/50
The Ultimate Screamo Band