Missed Out Records

Missed Out Zines

Available for individual purchase. Missed Out Records zines are collector's items that feature anime covers, latest Missed Out Release feature, sneak peaks at upcoming releases, a column called The Scoop on DIY labels and culture, plus puzzles on the back.

Pressing Information

Zine #01 - FLCL (Fooly Cooly) edition: MO-049: Pictures of June, Learning To Be Loved, Crossword #1
Zine #02 - Neon Genesis Evangelion edition: MO-051: To Be Gentle, Driftwood Records, Word Search #1
Zine #03 - Kingdom Hearts edition: MO-052-54: To Be Gentle, MathRockTimes Fest, Crossword #2
Zine #04 - Dragonball Z edition: MO-055-057: TWINS, Snowing reunion shows 2019, Word Search #2
Zine #05 - ZOIDS edition: