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Missed Out Zines

Available for individual purchase. Missed Out Records zines are collector's items that feature anime covers, latest Missed Out Release feature, sneak peaks at upcoming releases, a column called The Scoop on DIY labels and culture, plus puzzles on the back.

Pressing Information

Zine #01 - FLCL (Fooly Cooly) edition: MO-049: Pictures of June, Learning To Be Loved, Crossword #1
Zine #02 - Neon Genesis Evangelion edition: MO-051: To Be Gentle, Driftwood Records, Word Search #1
Zine #03 - Kingdom Hearts edition: MO-052-54: To Be Gentle, MathRockTimes Fest, Crossword #2
Zine #04 - Dragonball Z edition: MO-055-057: TWINS, Snowing reunion shows 2019, Word Search #2