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Screamo Booster Packs 2020

Booster Packs includes 3 cassette tapes, 5 stickers, and 2 zines.

You will get 2 Commons and 1 Rare cassette per pack:
(1/4 booster packs will contain multiple rares!)

To Be Gentle - L'autre Côté de la Peur
Tenue - Anabasis
Altrauma - Manual de Supervivencia
Shizune - Mono No Aware: Eternity | Burial
E U X - "et les autres"
Au bout de mes levres / yubari gogo split
Heavy Weather - We Still Have So Much Left To Lose
Tall Ships Set Sail - "I'd Have Money If I Didn't Spend It All"
El Robot Con Cabello Humano - Robot, Demasiado Robot
Bastos / Chaviré split

amitié - Don't//Try//Let//Die
Old Pride - demo
Christ Suplex - demo
Néboas - Nieblas
Piet Onthel - demo​​(​​loni​​)​​taksupo​​(​​mulo)
Piet Onthel - s​(​EP​)​kitojange​(​pecoh)
Sun Up Sun Down - s/t EP

Pressing Information

20 packs are available (10 pokemon, 10 magic)