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Punch On! - Harm Passes Forward MO-080

Punch On is a two-peace screamo band from Bristol. Their latest release 'Harm Passes Forward' is a fundraiser record of which 50% of its sales profits will be donated to Solidarity NOT Silence.

"‘Harm Passes Forward’ is a response to a situation within our community, where a member was revealed to be an abuser. This person took advantage of sexual and romantic scenarios, was physically and emotionally abusive, and would manipulate their victims into believing it was an isolated event. When challenged, they chose not to be accountable, and fled the country. The EP documents the collapse of friendship, the events that transpired, and the unbelievable strength of the survivors who came forward." - excerpt from Idioteq article.

Read more here: https://idioteq.com/harm-passes-forward-heart-wrenching-screamo-duo-punch-on-return-with-visceral-new-ep/

Listen here: