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Kaddish - Demos I + II MO-078

"2020. What an absolute dreadnought of a year…..

When we made these demos back in the early 2000s, we had little notion we’d still be together as a band almost twenty years later, and that, in that future, the government would have cancelled all possibility of gigs, indefinitely.

The reasons for cancelling gigs have obviously been good ones, and it goes without saying that we all have to bide our time until it is safe and advisable to return to them. But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been kicking our heels, FURIOUSLY. Like everyone else, we’ve been listening to lots of great music (Stonethrower – we are looking at you), watching lots of great drum instruction videos on Youtube (that’s me, Dom, talking, not Chris – he doesn’t need to watch the videos); we’ve been taking lots of long walks with music, thinking and reading a lot about music, and battering the shit out of our instruments when we can (mostly alone, but sometimes together).

We hope you have been doing similar things. We hope that, throughout the pandemic, music has been a sustaining force and an atmosphere for you. We hope that you have been seeking out music, planning for what to do on the other side of this, thinking about how to support those who help you do it (MTAT, we are looking at you). We also hope that you have been forming death metal bands with your infant children (yes, this was also a done thing).

Music: what an important thing to be involved in…. What a beautiful antidote to thuggish Presidents, putrid PMs, and to the sound and the fury of the Internet.

The truth is we owe these demos a lot – they built us connections with lots of cool bands, they introduced us to recording, and they hold a lot of good memories; it’s awesome that they are appearing on tapes. Thank you Maxime, Doug at Missed Out Records, Deeker, Hazel, and all the Make-That-A-Take crew for making this possible. We are truly humbled, as ever.

‘You do what you can with what you’ve got’, as a wise friend once said."

- Dom Kaddish


Released in the spirit of internationalist collaboration with our transatlantic comrades Les Disques Rabat Joie (canada), Make-That-A-Take Records (uk), and Missed Out Records (usa), we are very pleased to bring you the "TWO DEMOS" tape from Kaddish, released together on one cassette for the very first time.

Limited to 100 copies worldwide, the "TWO DEMOS" tape brings together "Demo 1" from 2002 and the "7 Songs" EP from 2006, both recorded and engineered by Robin Sutherland, with artwork from Cal Sutherland.

Both demos feature the song "More Awkward Than Silence" as their openers and we've preserved the integrity of the original collections on the physical tapes.

Thank you to Maxime in Quebec, Douglas in Pennsylvania, Kaddish and everyone who has shown such incredible support and solidarity, both since lockdown and over the course of the last fifteen years.

Be radical, spread joy.


Pressing Information

/100 white cassettes (80 in cardboard o-cards, 20 in white o-cards)